The roof. The roof. The roof was on fire. #tbt to the first day of production in our new building 5 yrs ago. Firefighter looking through the hole burned through the ceiling as water still drips through it. And then it rained, flooding production. Good times, good times… #thegreatacmefire #firefighter #phxfd

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2 wks after AZ reopened COVID cases spiked as predicted, so we made a sign to make sure employees knew that it was more dangerous than ever, even though most people thought it was over. Now we’re having to paste on these new numbers weekly and fight more disinformation. The number of positive cases per test is skyrocketing too. Be safe and stay informed by sources that don’t just want to protect the economy. Your life is more important than money.
We recognize some fairly unimportant holidays in the US, yet Juneteenth isn’t even recognized by most Americans as a word. We should celebrate the coming-to-our-collective-senses and freedom of Juneteenth as a federal holiday. Two and a half years after the slaves were freed by law, Texas finally let their slaves be free. Free at last, free at last. #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmatter
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