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Need help with size breakdowns?

Our T-shirt Size Breakdown Calculator is extremely easy to use and will give you an idea of how many of each size you might* need.


*We can’t know exactly what you’ll need for your particular order since every audience is different due to age, style preferences, etc, but these order averages make it a lot easier and give you a great place to start!


Psssssst! We’re always looking for experienced people. Interested in joining the team?

These numbers are based on the average size distributions from thousands of orders and will help you get started.

🧠 But keep in mind: Every organization, business, or group has a different audience. A middle school band will need much smaller shirts than a band doing their 30-year reunion. 

If you’d like more assistance don’t hesitate to reach out! It’s why we’re here, silly. 

Acme Prints Shirt Size Breakdown Calculator

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