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Custom Cut Decals /

We offer a bunch of different types of vinyl products. Here are the main ones…

Contour-Cut Decals

Contour-cut vinyl decals (aka plotter-cut decals, aka die-cut decals, aka stickers) are custom-cut around the edge of a printed image or shape. They’re usually on white vinyl but we can do them on other types like holographic vinyl too. They come in three main varieties:
  • Plotter-Cut Vinyl Decals: These are the most common type, where the blade cuts through both the adhesive layer (which becomes the sticker) and the liner after printing, leaving the backing the same shape as the sticker itself. We call square-cut stickers plotter-cut too for simplicity. 
  • Kiss-Cut Vinyl Decals: We can also do kiss-cut stickers which is when the paper backing is cut square but the sticker is the shape you want. This leaves the paper backing behind with the waste vinyl on it (which can be printed too). 
  • Transfer-Cut Vinyl Decals: And just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more options, we also do transfer-cut decals. These are usually for things like lettering on vehicles or those stick figure families you see on the back windows of mini-vans. They come with a type of masking/transfer tape on the face and you stick the whole thing on the glass or other smooth surfaces. Once you peel the masking/transfer tape off, voilà! 

Wall Graphics

  • Printed Wall Murals: Large-scale graphics for interior walls, often used in offices and retail spaces.
  • Plotter-Cut Vinyl Decals: Just like the window version above but applied to walls.
  • Low-Tack/Removable Wall Decals: Easy to apply and remove, perfect for temporary promotions or home decor. These can be plotter-cut shapes or solid rectangles. 
  • Dry-Erase Vinyl: I think you can guess what this one does. 
  • Reflective Vinyl: Great for important messages on vehicles, windows, or walls, especially for when vehicle lights hit it.  

Vehicle Wraps

  • Partial Wraps: These cover portions of the vehicle. 
  • Full Vehicle Wraps: These can be complete color-change wraps, usually meant for personal vehicles, or commercial wraps which usually don’t change every bit of the original vehicle color but can.

Window Decals

  • Solid Window Decals (see below): These are on opaque pieces of vinyl, usually with designs printed on one side but sometimes on both sides. 
  • Perforated Window Decals (see below): This allows visible graphics on the outside of a building or vehicle while allowing you to see out from the inside without seeing the graphic. It has small holes in it at different percentages of open area allowing more or less visibility. 
  • Clear Vinyl Decals (see below):  The designs are printed on clear vinyl. These are usually best for very fine detail or when you want the print to be somewhat translucent. 
  • Plotter-Cut Vinyl Decals (see below): These are cut vinyl shapes like those stick figures of families on car windows but can be printed or just the color of the vinyl. Also often used for contractor license numbers on construction vehicles. 
  • Window Clings: These look essentially the same as Clear Vinyl Decals but they’re easily removed and are best for temporary window signage such as sales, promotions, or events.
  • Privacy Vinyl: This creates a frosted or sandblasted effect on glass but allows some light to come through.

Most vinyl can be installed yourself but some can be difficult so let us know if you need us to install for you!