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Ink Types

Plastisols (standard inks)

We can mix any color out there, including Pantone/PMS color matches. 

These are our standard colors:

Scarlet Red
PMS 186 C


PMS 1805 C


Barberry Maroon
PMS 207 C


Majestic Magenta
PMS 208 C


Blaze Orange
PMS Bright Red C


Sunshine Yellow
PMS 109 C


Golden Yellow
PMS 137 C


Lime Green 
PMS 354 C


Peacock Blue  
PMS 306 C


Mono Blue  
PMS 2132 C


Deep Violet  
PMS 276 C


Forest Blue-Green  
PMS 548 C


Indigo Blue  
PMS 2758 C


PMS 2738 C


Midnight Blue
PMS 4145 C


Gray 5
PMS Cool Gray 5 C


Gray 7
PMS Cool Gray 7 C






Custom Pantone Mix
Any Pantone solid coated number.

Fluorescent Plastisols

Ink colors are always impossible to replicate on digital screens but fluorescents look completely different. These are closest approximations.

Just imagine them jumping off the page and punching you in the eyeballs. 🥊

Electric Red
No Pantone


Electric Yellow
No Pantone


Electric Pink
No Pantone


Electric Purple
PMS 2356 C


Electric Blue
PMS 2935 C


Discharge & Waterbase Inks

Waterbase and discharge inks are soft and usually impossible to feel on garments.* They’re the same inks but the discharge versions have an additive that removes the dye in the fibers of garments and replaces it with the new color (or leaves the natural color of the cotton if no color is added). It’s a clean, soft, breathable print.

If you’re concerned about the plastic-feeling, make-your-back-sweaty-in-the-summertime, thick ink that shirts often have, then discharge is for you! It’s some sexxy stuff.

But note! The final appearance of discharge inks sometimes vary from print run to print run, and even throughout the run itself in rare cases. It’s just the nature of the fabric content of the shirt and the dyes used, which may cause print colors to shift. It’s some wild stuff. If color consistency and accuracy is your priority, we recommend plastisol.

*Here’s a bunch more info in case you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of discharge inks. 

Fluorescent Yellow
No Pantone


Fluorescent Red
No Pantone


Fluorescent Pink
No Pantone


Fluorescent Violet
No Pantone


PMS 227 C 


Red B
PMS 200 C 


PMS Orange 021 C  


Yellow R 
PMS 1235 C  


Yellow G 
PMS Yellow C  


PMS 2245 C  


Blue R 
PMS 3581 C  


Blue G 
PMS 280 C  


PMS 2695 C  


Gray 5
PMS Cool Gray 5 C


Gray 7
PMS Cool Gray 7 C




Brite Base
Bleached to raw cotton color.




Custom Pantone Mix
Any Pantone solid coated number. Exact color will vary.

Soy Inks

Looking for the look of standard plastisol inks but without petroleum-based plasticizers? Enter soy-based plastisols. They look just like standard plastisols, though they have a very soft feel and are stretchable. Green is good.

Metallic Inks

Semi-Smooth Metallics

Pale Gold

Mirror Gold

Rich Gold


Shimmer Inks (fine glitters)

Red Shimmer

Brite Gold Shimmer

Green Shimmer

Blue Shimmer

Black Shimmer

Silver Shimmer

Glitters (coarse glitters)

Pale Gold Shimmer

Princess Pink Glitter


Solar Silver

Galaxy Gold

Cosmic Copper

Asteroid Red

Zenith Purple

Celestial Blue

Satellite Green


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