Artwork Guidelines

Artwork is the Heart of Every Print Project

We are currently using the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite

High Resolution Files
  • Photoshop .PSD (w/layers)
  • Illustrator .AI
  • Photoshop/Illustrator .EPS
  • Flat JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF
  • Please outline all fonts
  • 300 dpi at final print size
Medium Resolution Files
  • Flat JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF
  • Please outline all fonts
  • 200 dpi at final print size is workable*
Low Resolution Files
  • MS Office Documents
  • Office, Excel, Power Point
  • Web Images
  • 150 dpi and lower will require Art Dept. time

Art Submission

Please send your art files

  • as you wish to see them printed
  • at 100% final print size
  • with all text converted to graphic elements (do not send fonts)
  • named after their print placement (front, left chest, rt slv, etc.)

Comps and files up to 25mb

Please send larger files using one of these:


Scaling dpi

These processes severely complicate our ability to properly replicate an image onto your garments.

Color Theory x Pantone

Standard Inks

PANTONE x Custom Ink Mix

Would you like to use a specific ink color for your logo or artwork that isn’t on our standard ink list? We can make that happen!


First things first, never trust a computer monitor to give an accurate representation of a color. When possible, using a Pantone guide or Pantone number is going to be the best way to get the color you desire. You can send a file and have us match what the file says the colors are, or how you interpret them, but they may look very different on your monitor from how they appear on ours. A calibrated, brand new, high-end monitor, in a room with the right ambient lighting may work, but a physical Pantone guide will always be best.


Even the graphics industry-standard Pantone guide comes in coated and uncoated varieties because the same ink looks different on coated/shiny paper than it does on uncoated/matte paper. So keep in mind that if you hold a Pantone book next to an ink mixed to match that Pantone number, the ink may be a perfect match but look a little different depending on the final destination of the ink (i.e. a cotton t-shirt, a glossy business card or a matte flyer).


Even with an accurate Pantone ink mix, please note that the color of the ink will vary depending on the material it’s being printed on. An ink printed directly on a white shirt will look darker than the same ink printed on an underbase of white ink on a dark/colored shirt. So if half the shirts are white and half are black, and they all have red ink, the ink on the black shirts may appear slightly lighter than on the white shirts. We will always do our best to control the many variables, but keep in mind, there is virtually no such thing as an exact color match.


Wait, wait wait…Pantone? Say What?


Start your search or explore a world of color opportunities here: http://www.pantone.com/


If you are in our neighborhood, stop by our location anytime and we can let you take a look at our Pantone guide in person!


Our updated site is in progress, please contact us at 602-461-7171 or info@acmeprints.com.