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The ultimate flex

From streetwear to workwear, cooperate events or vacation retreats – we have the ultimate rolodex of patches for any occasion and look. 

Whether you are looking for embroidered, woven, chenille, sublimated, real stich tackle twill, leather, faux leather, pvc, rubber, flock or sequin – sizing from .5″ to 35″ – you found the right spot to turn your ideas into a reality. 

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Woven Labels on Beanies


Damask woven labels come in a wide range of options and features

Benefits of Woven Labels

We love demask woven labels due to their endless versatility and recognizable retail quality look.


Available in laser-cut free-form & rectangular shapes. Ranging in available size options from: 0.30"x0.30" - 7.87" x 7.87"


Woven labels come in denier thread weights of 100, 75, or 50 ideal for capturing even the smallest of details.


With options of being folded or having a flat edge finish - versatile for virtually any garment style or application. Iron-on also available.

PVC Patches

Benefits of PVC Patches

PVC Patches are unexpected and a lot of fun. They can be 2D or 3D, custom shapes and are completely waterproof! Bright colors & durable - #patchlife.


Available in any custom shape. PMS color matching available with a sticker backing or hook and loop options. Ranging in available size options from: 1.5" - 4.5"+


The first 4 colors are included in the pricing structure but you can add additional colors & PMS match those colors to any design.


With options of adding a sew on groove, heat sealing, sticker backing or hook and loop - rubber patches are extremely versatile and always hold that wow factor.

From Workwear to Streetwear

Faux Leather Patches

Woven Patches

Bring your artwork to life with woven patches.

Ideal for detailed & complex designs.

Pre-production samples are available for additional fees. Production time varies based on order details & quantity. Expect a 3 week production schedule not including any pre-production samples or other last minute requests. Cancellation fee’s will apply if order is canceled post mockup phase. Please inquire with one of our Account Managers for further details. 

WOVEN Patches

Damask woven labels come in a wide range of options and features

Benefits of Woven Patches

Laser cut, backing of choice and ideal for complex detailed designs. Looking for an elevated looking patch that's durable yet has a light weight feel? You've found your patch!


Thinner than embroidery, light weight yet to the point - woven patches are ideal for detailed designs and are executed with class.


Woven patches sizes start at 1" and can get as large as 35"! Typical patches can have up to 6-8 thread colors or as little as 2. Metallic threading also available.


Options are a plenty - permanent heat seal, hook and loop, temporary sticker (great to keep in place if the end result is to be sewn onto a garment/accessory) and satin stick edging available.

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