A really powerful design by Armand Villavert Jr (@blynd_artist ) we just printed called The Watchers. πŸ‘οΈ Our customer donated all profits to BLM and we’re printing any reorders for free since they sold out right away. Though I believe most cops are good, there’s an enormous, systemic problem in police departments across the country that must be fixed. And the potential Serpicos in each department need to finally stand up and do what’s right. #blacklivesmatter #dotherightthing

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I hesitated to post photos of the banners we made last week since I don’t want it to seem like we’re cashing in on the BLM movement. But it’s more important for voices to be heard, especially from the privileged, like white, male, business owners. I’m proud that 2/3 of our Production employees are Native, 2/3 of our Account Managers are of Mexican descent and/or born in Mexico, and half of our Design department is Native. Not to mention our women and transgender employees. If a business truly wants great employees, they will naturally become diverse because we all have greatness waiting to come out no matter what color we were born. We’re all #inthistogether @graciestaxbar #pridemonth #diversity #blacklivesmatter #blm
Shirts, growlers, onesies, koozies! We’re a full-service kind of place. Whether you’re looking for one shirt or a full line, Acme’s Design and Production teams can help get you there. #acmemadethat #screenprinting #pride🌈 #melrosephx #supportlocal #barmerch #souvenir #arizona #dtphx
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